A one stop shop to make your dream App

How to build your app...

Create a wireframe

This is where it all begins, it's the blue print of your app.

Every screen is mapped out, every button is conceived and a generic layout is established.

Design Phase

Time to make your app beautiful.

Hand the wire frame to a top class designer and let them work their magic

Project Brief 

This is an extensive document, which will guide the developers on the inner workings of your app. It's the bible they will live by to ensure every aspect of your app acts exactly as intended 


Let the coding begin.

This step takes the longest but sit back and watch the developers perform their wizardry. After they've finished, you will have your fully functional app.

Testing and Submit

The most gruelling part of the process. Exploring every nook and cranny of your app to squash all the bugs.

Last of all - submit your perfect app to the relevant app stores for their approval.


So how much will this cost you?


When building an app you are essentially paying for man power and the skill involved, so the cost is determined by the complexity of your app. 

Do it yourself.

This is very plausible. It will take up lots of your time and it can be stressful. However, the rewards will be well worth it. A project like this can be very fulfilling and if you're the type of person that needs to be involved in everything, this is for you.

This option isn't necessarily cheaper, in fact without a bit of guidance it can be very expensive.

With a 2 hour consultation we can set you on the right path and ensure you don't make any costly (in money and time) mistakes. We'll also give you access to ours designers and developers at favourable rates.


Let me do it.

We will take your vision and create the app from start to finish.

We will give you regular production updates and you will have final approval on all items, colour, functionality, etc. 

After a meeting to hear your idea (we will sign an NDA to protect you) we will give you a quote. This quote will be the total cost to get the app to the App store/Play store.

Get in touch now to discuss further, but long story short, you can expect to pay...

USD $20k +